How To Chill Out After A Stressful Day

It’s July already?

Sounds fake…but okay.

If you’re from America, you know that we recently celebrated 4th of July.

This time of year my schedule is usually jam packed with BBQ’s, parties, lots of junk food, socializing and late nights.

So this past week I found myself super stressed out for a variety of different reasons and over things that normally wouldn’t phase me. I felt like it was becoming impossible for me to hold everything together.

My anxiety felt like it was peeking its head around the corner like “are you ready for me to come out now?”

Nope. Please. Please. Please no.

The day after the 4th, I felt worse than usual and decided to spend the rest of the day getting myself back on track.

I spent a few minutes that morning to look at my lifestyle for the past week and was like “Um, yeah…no wonder I was feeling stressed out”

I was going to bed at 1 or 2am.
I was eating a ton of junk food.
I wasn’t saying my mantras.
I wasn’t meditating at my usual time.
I was having more than my normal amount of caffeine.
I wasn’t working out.
I wasn’t doing any nurturing self-work.
I wasn’t practicing gratitude.
I wasn’t writing.
I wasn’t taking my vitamins and supplements.

I just wasn’t taking care of myself. Period the end.

I didn’t think that I could unravel so quickly and get back into some of my not-so-great habits and negative thought patterns.

But here we are.

So maybe you’re having a bad day or a bad week. That is OKAY. We’ve all been there.

I’m there RIGHT NOW.

Here are a few of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling off and need a boost.

Start here, you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Meditation will help you access a deeper part of yourself that you may not be tapped into. It helps ease stress, calms your monkey mind, and is even more restorative than sleep!

Did you know that I use meditation on a daily basis to get ideas to write about for livingbreely?

It’s true!

While I’m meditating, I usually notice thoughts that keep arising. Usually it will be a short phrase or an image and I develop my ideas from there. I take this as my ‘head-nod’ from the Universe that this idea is what needs to flow through me.

I wrote an entire post about how to begin a meditation practice which you can check out here.

This is also a list of great beginner guided meditations on YouTube (that are under 10mins!) Check it out here.

Practice Gratitude

I know what you’re thinking!

“But Bree, you don’t understand…I spilled my coffee all over my white blouse, hit a curb driving to work this morning, I overslept and was late to work, got bombarded by my boss, forgot to call a friend/family member back, upset my boyfriend or partner, ate a cheeseburger for lunch, forgot my gym bag, lost my wallet”…the list could go on.

You’re probably thinking “I can’t even BEGIN to think about what I’m grateful for”

Well…I’m here to tell you…


You have tons and tons and tons of things to be grateful for!

As soon as you make the conscious choice to shift your perspective to something positive, your mood lifts.

I like to begin every day by writing 10 things that I’m grateful for but on those days where I’m feeling down, I add a few more to the list.

Here are a few examples of what I was thankful for today:

I am grateful for my health
I am grateful to have a loving and supportive family
I am grateful for my dog (cleo!) who brings me so much happiness and joy
I am grateful for fresh drinking water
I am grateful for food on my plate
I am grateful for the time I have to dedicate to my passions.
I am grateful for my Spotify membership because music makes me happy and I love an impromptu dance party!

Try it out. Positive thoughts will always overpower negative ones.

Make gratitude a part of your daily practice.

Get yo’ drink on…..with some tea.

Almost had you there for a second.

Some people like to unwind with a glass of vino – which is cool if that’s your jam!-

But I gave up alcohol for 2017 (don’t worry, I’m planning on doing a post about this) and while I didn’t necessarily give it up because I thought it was unhealthy, I’ve loved the health benefits!

Instead of drinking wine, I’ve switched over to tea to chill out my mood.

I prefer something with no caffeine like chamomile or I make my own ginger tea.

My ginger tea is super simple!
I boil about 4 cups of water and then throw in fresh chopped ginger and a squeeze of lemon for about 20mins. (Pro tip: let it cool and pour over ice for something a little refreshing!)

Make A Healthy Meal

We all know by now that our diets are the most important thing when it comes to our physical health but the food we ingest also attributes our mental health too!

Processed carbs, sugar, alcohol, junk food…all of that stuff can really mess your body up and throw off the chemicals in your brain.

I know how tempting it may be to want to stop at the store after a long day and buy your favorite ice cream or bag of chips but it might make you feel worse in the long run.

Plus there is something REALLY gratifying about cooking for yourself.

My favorite go-to healthy meal is usually a piece of salmon and some veggies. Salmon takes about 15-20 min to prepare so it’s fast and packed with protein. I will usually throw some veggies in my steamer or in a pan over low heat. My favorites are some red onions, zucchini and yellow squash with a little bit of balsamic and olive oil.

Healthy meals don’t have to be overcomplicated. You don’t need expensive cookware or fancy machines. You don’t have to buy ALL organic. You especially don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Don’t stress yourself out even more by thinking you need to make healthy cooking a big deal.

My golden rule when it comes to meals is:
The more veggies…the better!

Once I’m done with my dinner, I usually like to put on a funny movie or TV show.

My go-to’s: Friends or How I Met Your Mother

I’ll check out my Netflix list and take a scroll to see if there is anything funny on my list. I recently watched that Disney movie, Moana. For someone who doesn’t like musicals or animated films, I was surprised how much I LOVED that movie. It was so heartwarming and inspiring.

I know myself pretty well and I know that if I put on a sad or depressing movie…I’ll move from ‘stressed out’ to an absolutely miserable mood.

My FAVORITE thing to do when I’m stressed out or having a horrible day is to put on some good music and having a dance party in my car or at home.

Not sure what it is about some good tunes and jumping around but I instantly feel better!

You can check out my Spotify playlist below!

Stressful and bad days happen to EVERYONE, it’s how they choose to react to the circumstances or situations presented to them that makes all the difference.

Learn to forgive yourself and then move on so you can get back to loving your life!

I always remind myself “I’m having a bad moment/day, it doesn’t make it a bad life.”

We truly have the power to choose the headspace we want to live in.

Choose wisely.

Always sending you lots of love and light!

If you want some tips on what I keep in my self-love tool kit, you can check that out here! Treat yo’self!

Want more tips? Check out my resources page to find out what I keep on-hand to support my best self!