What I Keep In My Self-Love Tool Kit

Self-Love is the topic of the week here at livingbreely! To be completely honest, I didn’t give much thought into my own self-love routine until earlier this year and it’s easily become one of my favorite things to discuss!

If you haven’t – check out my post about 10 Ways To Practice Self-Love here.

I try to do a little something for myself everyday. Either a face mask, cooking a healthy meal, reading a book, or just enjoying a good movie – I try to do something with the intention that the action is because I love myself. This really opens it up to have a lot of diversity in my routine.

Regardless if you’ve been super productive that day or not – YOU deserve to give yourself a little boost. Some days, I need a little more love than others, which is when I dedicate the entire evening (or morning) to myself and bring out the big guns.

(And by big guns – I mean like a heavy-duty face mask while watching Eat, Pray Love and munching on some popcorn with Braggs nutrional yeast all over. I might act tough but I’m harmless.)

Anyway. I thought I would give you a brief run down of the goodies that I keep stashed away for when I’m REALLY feelin’ down and out.

I’ve accumulated a few of these products throughout the years and some of them I use on a daily basis but are also as part of my self-love routine – so I just decided to throw them in!

Disclaimer: I get tons of questions about products centered around wellness and meditation. I love getting asked these questions because it is an opportunity to talk about something that I love and share brands that I stand behind. If you do purchase one of these products, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. These are all products that I have personally used and I would never recommend something that I didn’t love! #TRUST

  • I love this Lavender Spray that I found at Sprouts (a grocery store chain where I live) and I bought it on sale and have been obsessed with it ever sense. I also like to spray it on my pillows and sheets before I go to bed!

  • Meyers Soy Candles are THE BEST. I also use their cleaning products because their non-toxic (I’m thinking I should do a post about non-toxic cleaning products? What do you think?!) but I especially like their candles because they are SOY based. Certain candles really give me a headache if they are too strong but this one just smells light and fresh.

  • The Calm drink is also a life saver of mine. It’s jam packed with magnesium so it really relaxes my entire body and I get the best sleep if I drink it right before bed. You can read more about it on my resources page.

  • Ummm…do we even need to talk about the health benefits of green tea? My aunt bought me and my mom this tea for Christmas this year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Seriously – I bought my mom a refill for Mother’s Day! That’s how much we love it. It’s so light and refreshing!

  • I bought a face steamer from Amazon about two years ago and it’s been the biggest blessing. My skin went from meh’ to WOW after just two months of using it. I typically steam my face about 1-3 times a week. (More on the 1-2 side per week because yo’ girl is BUSY) It’s like bringing the spa right into your house. I always make sure to clean and tone my face before and then relax for about 7-10min while my pores get themselves hydrated and refreshed. There are some pretty pricey facial steamers on Amazon and found that this one had all the bells and whistles and was in my price range – about 20 bucks.
  • I have my go-to face mask which is 100% Amazonian clay mixed with a little ACV. It tightens my pores, gets rid of excess oil and leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. You can read more about it on my resources page!
  • My favorite part of the night is putting on these eye pads! One, I look ridiculous wearing them and two, they just feel so cool and refreshing. I love that these come in a pack of two with 30 sheets in each pack. I keep one in my car and one in my house. If I’m heading somewhere and feeling a little worn down, I’ll slap two of these babies under my eyes and put on the biggest sunnies I can find while I’m driving to my destination. (Just don’t be like me and forget to take them off) But for my self-care routine, I’ve noticed that they really help with puffy eyes and even dark circles.
  • Okay so total truth hour– I haven’t actually used this product BUT I did buy it for my mom for her birthday and she said it’s a straight up miracle worker. They are the most hydrating collagen sheet face masks ever. My mom has skin on the dry side and she said her skin felt so moisturized and nourished after just one use. I have a horrible relationship with sheet masks but my mom said that this one was super malleable and stayed on for the recommended time – 20-30min. I’m going to have to make a trip up to see her so I can steal one of these!

Once I’m done with my skin care + face mask routine, I usually pick up a good book or put on one of my favorite movies. I’ve actually made a resources page where you can check out some of my go-to books! I’ll try to mix them up as often as possible so click below to see what I’m reading this month!
Final Thoughts?

No matter how you practice self-love (it comes in many shapes and sizes!) I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and it gave you a lil inspo’ for the next time you decide to treat yo’ self!

Feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment down below about your favorite products that you keep handy!

Catch Ya’ Later!