Bree? Like The Cheese?

I’m Bree and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

^^^ That’s me!
Well…a lot of me’s. I’ll try to keep the selfies to a minimum!

Livingbreely, in the simplest of terms, is just the way that I live my life.

It’s a play on the phrase ‘living freely’

Get it?

I have a thing for lame puns.

But I guess I should tell you what prompted me to start livingbreely.

Once upon a time, I got really sick. Like, watching-an-episode-of Friends-from-the-floor-of-your-bathroom-sick. The holidays had just swiftly come and gone. I had been traveling on the weekends to visit family for the holidays. I had submitted my two-week notice at my current job. I was starting school again after taking a year off. To say I was a nervous pile of ‘what-ifs’ was an understatement.

Maybe it was after I had finished the entire series of Friends in a week, but I could not watch another second of TV. I was still feeling weak and lethargic – part sickness part angst – when I went digging in my bookshelf.

I came across ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. I had purchased it a year earlier and at the time I read the first 20 pages and thought “What is this dude talking about?” and put it back on the shelf.

Fast forward a year to my semi-comatose state, I re-read the first 20 pages of it and could not put it down. For the next week, all I did was read that book. I would listen to the audiobook as I read along. I highlighted the living crap out of that book. I used an entire packet of post-its. If you didn’t know any better, you would think I was cramming for a final

I can’t say that ‘The Power of Now’ changed my life. But it did start me on a path that I wouldn’t even think twice about following.

It was a hug from the universe that I had so desperately needed.


Suddenly, all the things that I read, watched and seen all had to be re-read, re-watched and seen again with what felt like a new set of eyes. At the very least, it was paradigm shifting.

I took up a meditation practice, I tried yoga again, I was cooking, I was reading, I took a break from all my social media platforms – I was doing things that I had always wanted to do but never had the time, energy or headspace to do. All of the things that I had stepped away from had returned with an insatiable hunger to be rediscovered.

But the greatest shift of all was my desire to write again. Writing has always provided me some weird cathartic realm where the blinking of the cursor was the doorway to understanding whatever was going on in my head.

Thus, livingbreely was born.
I believe that through the process of meditation, wellness, and mindfulness, we can align our lifestyle to support most authentic version of ourselves.

Lately, my time has been devoted to researching and practicing how to remove those roadblocks to find the most authentic version of myself.

Through this process, I’ve discovered that the only way I can make sense of everything I’m learning is by writing it all down.

But I am not writing this blog because I think I know the answers or that everyone should live in the same headspace as I do. If everyone lived the way I did…they would be a 20-something and not know how to use a can opener because they are left-handed.

I hope you like some of the things that I write about.
I hope that it gets you thinking.
But if not, that’s cool too.

Be well,


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